Attribute modifiers

Beastfighters are partly mystic, partly primitive warriors who excel at weaponless combat. They are lightly armored but extremely tough and fearsome opponents due to their weaponless fighting style. They are well accustomed to wilderness settings and very resistant to poisons -- especially to animal poisons. The more experienced a beastfighter becomes, the more deadly he is in melee combat. Beastfighters are especially likely to score critical hits when fighting animals in melee combat.

Beastfighters are trained in the following skills: Athletics, Climbing, Dodge, Healing, Herbalism, Listening, Stealth, Swimming, and Survival.

With increasing experience, beastfighters perfect their natural fighting style and their attunement to the wild beasts. .
Level Power
6 Beastfighters become poison resistant.
12 The Beastfighter's wild fighting style makes them stun resistant.
18 Movement costs them just 700 energy points
25 Beastfighters can summon 2d2 cave bears or silver wolves for the cost of permanently losing one mana point (which eventually regenerates after a lot of time has passed).
32 Beastfighters become able to exchange positions with hostile monsters.
40 Beastfighters can stun opponents on critical hits
50 Beastfighters gain +6 to both strength and toughness.

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